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Blues Music by Female Singer Songwriter Katharina Livia from Los Angeles

Sultry blues singer Katharina Livia layers her vocals over beat driven, dance-able indie rock tunes. Lyrics that inspire and speak of youth, the struggle for identity, independence and self-actualization. Pop singers and female singers like Fiona Apple, Joss Stone, Nina Simone, Mazzy Star, Tori Amos and Amy Winehouse come to mind, when listening to her music and singing. A female singer and pop singer with expression and a vocalist with style and soul. Blues music that inspires and grooves. Based in Los Angeles, California, Katharina Livia represents a multi-cultural, polyglot identity in her songwriting and music.

“A refreshing gem to be found in the musical world. Artists like her make the world a brighter place with her self expression, and lyrical imagination. A Singer Songwriter with rare talent and authenticity.” Alex Avila from Thumosaic Brainworks

“If you want something unique, and original, you will want to listen to Katharina Livia’s music. Indie rock meets blues at its best. Undiscovered talent, pulsating a rare quality of style, originality and purity.” Spike Hanson from Indie Shuffle
“Seriously one of the artists to look out for in the future. There is a soft, yet unbending inner current running through her songs that you just can’t ignore. Lovely blues vibes and much future potential!” Kendal Phillips from Digital Music News
“Katharina Livia- the gentle, perceptive moth, that’s just what she makes you feel when you listen to her music. Beautifully crafted songs with a voice that reaches deep. Definitely worthwhile listening, and she still keeps growing and progressing as an artist.” Raphael Chalfine from Hypeboot
“This multi-talent is vibrating creativity from every pore. Exotic, original, and fresh – her music, art, and lyrics inspire a happier you! Her acoustic guitar, driving lyrics and beats mesh in an interesting symbiosis with her soulful vocals. A captivating female vocalist.” Hannah Marie from Splash Magazines


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